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I was told about conscious health by a friend who was really praising the service and boy was he right . I have an elderly mum who has a load of conditions high BP, cholesterol, arthiritis etc. Shes been taking the doctors prescribed pills for years and years but to no avail she continues to hsve the same issues in fact worsening. I on the other hand feel ok, healthwise but wanted a health MOT (which looks at cellulat level health). Anyway I booked both mum and me in. The screening was brilliant and very thorough. It picked up on things thst even your gp would never pick up on. It's all preventative stuff and trying to reverse conditions via giving your body the right foods, minerals and nutrients tp help it heal. Trudi explains the issues and follows up with a plan of action. Hopefully will be starting on the recommendations and get us back to optimal health. Will definitely be recommending to family and friends. I am in awe that such a service exists ??. Worth every penny ??   12-05-16


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