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I have been attending the Conscious Health clinic now for a number of years them having been recommended to me a friend. All the staff are exceptionally professional but also friendly, genuinely interested and very very helpful and knowledgeable. I go around every six months and am able to have a comprehensive health screen very much based on staff listening carefully to my concerns, how I feel generally and any specific health or well being issues or symptoms I have. the tests they run are comprehensive and very thorough and the attention to detail is amazing. I am now able to be pro active re my health rather than reactive because I am able to discuss at length changes within myself and my body before things become set in. I feel like I am really supporting my body and well being. Everything is very well explained and it's amazingly interesting to learn about my body and my well being. There's no pushy sales to buy any treatments or supplements most of which is available from external complementary medicine companies. I cannot recommend conscious health enough, honest straightforward sound health screening and advice from a wonderful team of people.    12-01-15


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